Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teaching Leadership Interview Questions

1. Why did you decide to take this interview for me?
2. How would you define teacher leadership?
3. What contributions have you made as a teacher leader in your school, district, and community? How did you become involved in making these contributions (volunteering, required by administrator, paid role, etc.)?
4. What are some examples of good leading (students, classroom, teachers, support staff, parents, community, etc.)?  What challenges have you observed or experienced in these leadership roles?
5. What inspires and/or encourages you to lead? Are there any specific experiences that have inspired/encouraged you?
6. What hinders you from leading? Can you describe any experiences where you were hindered from leading?
7. Why did you become a teacher or become involved with the school system?
8. How would you define "school culture"? How important is school culture in creating an effective learning environment? What factors affect school culture negatively and positively?
9. What advice would you give teachers (or other members of the school community) who want to become more involved in teacher leadership? How might you inspire them?
10. How does the administration at your school affect teacher leadership?
11. How do you deal with negativity at your school?

12. How do balance your personal and professional responsibilities?

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